Data Warehousing

data warehousing

Warehousing critical business information enables authoritative sources of information for powering business intelligence.

For its Retirement, Financial and Government Industry clients, technology organizations are challenged with providing integrated data services that expose access to key information services that individual enterprise systems alone cannot provide. This enables critical capabilities in reporting and Business Intelligence. Frequently the complex web of ETL integrations between source systems, staging repositories, data marts and warehouses, results in replication capability that is costly. This makes a case for the implementation of Master Data Management capabilities. Data Warehousing services provide assessment of the information management landscape, planning and implementation of enterprise warehouses, RFP, Master Data Management services and Data Governance.


Service Catalog:

   Information Services Assessment & Roadmap     

  RFP & Selection of Master Data Management Solutions

 Data Warehouse Planning & Implementation

Data Governance Initiation & Accelerators

Case Studies