Case Study: Elevating Pharmacy Communications

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Revolutionizing Puerto Rico’s top pharmacy chain’s communication, introducing automation, specialized staff, and streamlined processes for unmatched operational efficiency


Lost Calls: Puerto Rico’s most popular pharmacy chain was missing a staggering 89,000 phone calls each month.

Performance Blind Spots: The chain lacked systems for performance monitoring and measuring vital KPIs.

Manual Handling: They relied solely on pharmacists for manual call management, which resulted in errors, delays, and escalated costs.

Specialized Needs: The operations required the expertise of licensed agents, specifically Pharmacy Technicians, to perform specific tasks.


Tailored Recruitment: 15 licensed Pharmacy Technicians were proactively hired to meet the chain’s specialized needs.

Automation at Work: An automated call-handling system was deployed to enhance efficiency.

Insightful Dashboards: Dedicated dashboards were developed to handle real-time monitoring of performance metrics.

Seamless Printing: We integrated our systems directly with pharmacy printers, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

IVR Mastery: Assumed control and optimization of their IVR operations.

Integrated Communication: A robust link between the Central Office and individual pharmacy outlets was created to promote seamless communication.


Addressing Capacity: The team successfully countered the undercapacity challenge, drastically cutting down on lost calls. 

Performance Oversight: A state-of-the-art monitoring mechanism for consistent oversight and performance improvements was implemented.

Customer Delight: They experienced an uptick in Customer Satisfaction ratings.

Expertise in Action: Specialized training and skilled agents translated to premium service quality across the board.

Streamlined Workflow: Fluid and efficient communications between the Central Office and individual pharmacy branches became the norm.