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Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

50-75% of programs & projects fail to deliver on desired outcomes

The implementation of critical programs & projects are key to delivering value to customers. Yearly cycles of business investments, prioritization and funding establish a high standard to attain. Firms turn to Healthchecks for evaluating their operational efficiency and then deriving that value to succeed. We assist clients with this critical business activity to improve project execution maturity.

Our Team commits to “call it like we see it” by omitting emotional ownership and we recognize that stakeholder alignments is the key to success. During our Healthchecks, we act as an independent third-party using the resources and desired outcomes provided at project onset.

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An independent review of your organization to analyze, strategize and deliver methods for improvement.


A hands-on analyses of your processes and procedures to identify operational improvements including cost reductions and better HR & IT utilization.

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Triangle graphic depicting our three facets of healthchecks
Our effective Healthchecks are conducted as follows:
  • Gather project artifacts and existing background documentation
  • Interview stakeholders: Client, Sponsors, Project Manager and Steering Committee
  • Facilitate formal project kickoff meeting
  • Perform “sit-with” observations of core processes within scope
  • Prepare and analyze interview notes and “sit-with” data
  • Iteratively preview Findings & Recommendations with Client and Sponsors
  • Present the Findings & Recommendations to all stakeholders