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Product Review

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Why does inventorying or cataloging your product offering matter?

Understanding how your product offering stacks up against the competition is critical for success in today’s marketplace. Whether moving up market, entering new markets, having recently acquired a new book of business or needing to inventory and catalog your product offering – it is prudent to conduct a thorough Product Review.

Enterprise Iron is best positioned to help you conduct an effective Product Review for any of the scenarios described above. Coupled with our proven methodology, subject matter expertise and Retirement focus, we work with our clients to help migrate the organization to the preferred product offering. Our top down/bottom up approach solicits the voice of the senior leadership team and SME’s across the entire retirement business ecosystem to guarantee success.

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Document Current State

Capturing product features and services and enlist consensus on preferred options


Benchmark Best Practices

Identifying gaps, pain points, differentiation and potential areas of over servicing


Establish Future State

Aligning the organization to sell and service around the preferred product offering


Create Product Roadmap

Enabling the organization to close gaps and drive toward the preferred offering

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Our Product Review includes:

  1. Identify Scope – All or Select Markets
  2. Define Rating Methodology
  3. Document Current State
  4. Benchmark Industry Best Practices
  5. Establish Future State of Product Offering
  6. Align Organization
  7. Create Product Roadmap & Prioritization Plan
  8. Implement Future State Product Offering