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Managed Services

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Empowering clients to optimize operational efficiencies and reduce costs

Firms are increasingly focused on their core competencies in order to achieve a competitive edge. They rely on Managed Services and provider partnerships to deliver additional expertise or scale-based services. By outsourcing or co-sourcing recordkeeping operations, administration, and IT production support when working with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) like Enterprise Iron, you own and oversee the system while we are responsible for service delivery.

Bound by a contractual relationship, a service-level agreement (SLA), financial incentives, and penalties, the entire engagement is structured and trackable. Enterprise Iron’s expert Managed Services average a minimum of a 5% cost reduction in Year 1 and YoY per-unit cost reductions as measured from an agreed-upon baseline. We have a detailed history of achieving results for our Clients and continue to deliver exceptional value every day.

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Menu of Services

Validation of Participant Service Tracking and Eligibility for various transactions

Conversion Support: BizNuvo®, Data Mapping, Migration Support

Creation and Processing of Transactions in Recordkeeping System (Money In/Out, Loans)

 Contact Center Operations including Staffing, VRU, Recording, Authentication, and Analytics

Plan Data Management and Configuration/File Format/Feedback Files and Reconciliation

Modernization of Processes and/or Recordkeeping platform (enhance UX and improve efficiency)

Compliance: Form 5500, Testing, Tax Filing

Technology Support: Platform upgrades, configuration of web, voice, and mobile applications/web administration

Plan Documentation: Design, Analysis, & Safe Harbor

Miscellaneous Services as requested: Proxy Voting, ESOP Administration, Business Continuity, etc.

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Why Managed Services?

» Adds specific expertise and skillsets to enhance and improve services (people, processes, and technology including multi-lingual capabilities)

» Unburdens critical resources to focus on other core business priorities

» Deploys a dedicated team that acts on behalf of our clients, for their exclusive benefit and functions as an extension of their business

» Supports seamless technology maintenance and other upgrades by sourcing expertise via a third-party

» Provides leverage to reduce cost (substitute higher cost for lower-cost resources, labor arbitrage, reduces long-term benefit obligations)

» Gives assurance of a predictable cost structure with the ability to scale services as required

» Enhances information security and reduces operational compliance risk via EI’s dedicated cybersecurity, regulatory, and legislative monitoring practices

» Transfers and/or shares fiduciary responsibilities

Enterprise Iron offers multiple Managed Services delivery models that are adaptable to your unique needs