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Product Management

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Proven industry practices and strategies to optimize your product management

Product Management is critical to uphold these perspectives and ensure optimal oversight of products throughout the firm. With our Product Management solution, clients strengthen their value proposition and differentiators in support of their customers’ best interests. Our solution empowers key constituents within the organization to have a “voice at the table” as it pertains to product development, enhancements, prioritization, operational readiness, rollout, and innovation.

Our industry practitioners and management consultants bring an in-depth understanding of products and services to every client engagement. This knowledge spans all market segments within the Retirement Services industry. Enterprise Iron works closely with clients to understand their business goals and objectives to measure, plan and build scalable product offerings and governance processes.

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Mature product organizations are accountable for all the products, features, and capabilities that impact the end-user. They embody these three key voices:

The Customer: “What does the market demand?”

The Business:Does the product offering meet business goals and objectives?”

The Service:How to deliver the product offering effectively and efficiently?” 

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The Pulse Of The Organization

Develop effective product strategy


Inventory and catalog product offerings

Conduct market segmentation due diligence

Develop or refine product governance


Perform vendor searches and assessments


Define the Minimum Viable Offering (MVO)

Create a multi-year product roadmap

Construct tools that promote continuity

Establish metrics to track product adoption

Implementation and execution support