Organizational Change Management

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Are your employees prepared for & empowered to accept change?

A central tenet of Organizational Change Management (OCM) involves identifying the risks involved with implementing changes to ensure each stakeholder impacted by the change understands how the change impacts their individual responsibilities and prepares each individual to successfully execute their new responsibilities. Managing change is the process that approves and schedules the change for implementation.

Enterprise Iron’s Organizational Change Management methodology includes:


  • Identify all change management work products as they pertain to the program or project initiative or solution
  • Develop all work products and services according to the planned process workflows
  • Establish and maintain a repository of controlled/managed work including documentation of process flows and standard operating procedures
  • Communicate the status and change activity for change management work products to all stakeholders
  • Train the end users to adopt and accept the process flows as delivered by the initiative or solution

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Top 5 Lesson’s Learned:

Client Sponsors are critical to implement sustainable change

Project Management and Change Management have different goals and objectives

Informal networks are as important as the formal organizational structure

Change Management is cultural and people-centric; every client is a custom application

Used wisely, incentives and rewards can be a game changer

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Project Management is about installation

It focuses on a plan built around events and timelines with the aim of getting from a current state to a future state. This discipline drives solution delivery and delivers the project solution. Effective Project Management successfully implements products and services while managing technical risk with communication as a cornerstone. We focus on time, cost, quality and scope when managing any project.

Change Management is about adoption

It focuses on the people aspects of the change with the aim of getting a critical mass of the workforce to be committed to the change and learn (required) new behaviors to willingly enable sustainable change. This discipline analyzes change adaption and people-risk to deliver the optimal ownership, use and benefit of the solution. Communication and people readiness throughout the organization are essential.