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Integration Services

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Delivering optimized operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Many firms face the growing profusion of disparate applications, systems, and processes. This prominent source of operational inefficiency can be difficult to address and costly to handle. Given the need to keep current applications and operations stable, difficulties with integrations can often be a major source of frustration for back-office employees and customers alike.

Enterprise Iron’s Integration Services will put an end to all of your integration woes. Our experts can streamline even the most complex integration projects into superior systems. We empower our clients to achieve their goals and experience noticeable results while avoiding the headaches that are otherwise commonplace.

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Expertise & Reliability

We always leverage our arsenal of technology specialists, business analysts, architects, security resources, and project managers. This diverse talent and expertise help position clients on a direct path to success. When integration projects are effective, they are capable of producing dramatic and quantifiable improvements. With Enterprise Iron, your applications, data systems, and business processes will be transformed effectively.



  • Major upgrades to an existing application (which often requires updating interactions with other applications)
  • Integrating an entirely new technology into the existing infrastructure
  • A project addressing existing applications that are not talking to each other


  • Firms have a variety of data sources, accessed and fed by numerous applications 
  • These often exist in dramatically different schemas and formats as defined by entirely different data dictionaries
  • Differentiations greatly inhibit operations and create a lack of data optimization
  • We have the tools to unleash the power of the data that firms already have

Business Processes

  • Enterprise-class applications are accompanied by business processes designed to make best use of the application
  • You can buy the best applications and implement them perfectly at the technical level, but a poor ROI is likely when back-office processes are not optimized
  • We ensure that value is captured