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Organizational Assessments

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Need to conduct a Healthcheck to identify areas of improvement?

Does your business face legal, compliance, or efficiency concerns? Are your employees working at breakneck speeds, losing sight of stakeholder objectives? We can help tackle all of the above! Enterprise Iron’s Organizational Assessment is an independent review of the current state of your entire organization. We understand the main components of any business – its tools, resources and methods – so we’ve developed our assessment with this focus in mind and deliver expert recommendations accordingly.

During these engagements we analyze technologies, operations and client-facing functions to develop and deliver a roadmap that will drive your business forward. From analysis to recommendation, we ensure flexibility throughout the process because our Clients often intersect a number of assessments.

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Our assessments last 6-12 weeks, but vary based on the unique needs of Clients:

1. Project Kickoff

Receive and review background documentation. Level-set understanding of project goals and objectives, scope, roles, and responsibilities. Formal assessment starts.

2. Current State Assessment

Interview stakeholders and SMEs to clarify existing technology, staffing moddel, and current processes (deficiences, efficiences, pain points, and risks).

3. Current State Analysis

Collect and synthesize all information acquired to date. Review our findings and analysis with the Client.

4. Identify Key Concerns

Acknowledge, collaborate, and agree on the people, processes, and technology to be upgraded or developed.

5. Strategic Roadmap

Create the blueprint to address all concerns indentified in the previous steps. Ensure that the roadmap is cost-effective and time sensitive. These actions must have the scalability to integrate into the Clients’ ongoing projects and day-to-day operations with minimal intrusion.