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Genesys Software COE

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

A multi-layer, industry-leading call center software framework and expertise

Genesys comprises multiple applications including GAX, GA, GIR, SpeechMiner, eServices, Universal Routing Platform, eMessaging, WorkSpace, WorkForce Management, IVR, SpeechMiner, SAP Business Objects/Interactive Insights, Knowledge Center, and Knowledge Search. Enterprise Iron fully supports the Genesys suite of applications.

We maintain a Center of Expertise to deliver the following services:

  • Implementation
  • Software Upgrades
  • Run and Maintain
  • Development and Production Support

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We provide implementation services for all Genesys applications and legacy Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions on proprietary software including WorkSpace integrations with existing Contact Center management systems. Our expertise spans eServices (email delivery), call recording for agents and supervisors, historical and real-time reporting that replaces legacy reporting (custom database and real-time reports), Workforce Management for call center scheduling (resource allocations and forecasting), and enhancements such as Agent priority routing and specialized queues.

Our innovative solutions include rapid implementation of softphones to replace hard phones and configuration management from home to office and vice versa, given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Software Upgrades

Our skilled team applies database and application updates including 24-hour failover assistance and server back-ups, Pulse and GAX reporting upgrades, and Media Control Platform to provision the latest versions and upgrades for long-term recording storage and archiving.

Run and Maintain

We maintain all servers and certificates (Java, Apache, etc.) and update servers to the latest requirements to address security vulnerabilities. We update system, database and service account passwords quarterly for top security and client safety. Our staff maintains the Standard Operating Procedures of all operational functions for the application in use, plus the processing of onboarding and offboarding requests.

We deliver custom menu options for IVR to address changes dictated by the business model or in response to specific events and incidents. Our solution includes real-time Contact Center analytics and reporting, routing strategies and allocation changes across locations, forecasting agent staffing and availability with leveling for volume peaks/valleys, and the design and monitoring of alarms for any interruptions in service.

Development and Production Support

Tier I, II, III development and production support on all applications with 24/7 support for multiple Contact Center locations throughout the U.S. Troubleshooting production issues and answering questions on all Genesys applications for thousands of agents are standard.