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Platform Modernization

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Strategic agility for integrating new technologies & services with legacy platforms

Many Financial Services firms labor under the oppressive burden of technical debt that accumulates over time. The technical debt often results from the integration of legacy platforms with solution portfolios that expediently wire solutions together without prioritizing Platform Modernization.

With legacy components and fragile integrations at their core, these platforms lack agility and struggle to adapt to an increasingly digital marketplace. Impeded by this stifling technical debt and infrastructure headaches, many firms turn to Enterprise Iron for strategic direction and help simplifying their Platform Modernization programs.

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Our engagements span the implementation lifecycle beginning with Assessments and Strategic Roadmaps for realizing modernization ambitions. Our Senior Program Managers and Transformation Leaders move through multi-year activities and achieve program objectives.

We develop a capability that aims high above the “lift and shift” first step and moves toward a continuously modernized solution platform. This approach ensures we are delivering business value and increasing competitive advantage for our clients.