Case Study: Omni Web Solution

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


Aging legacy plan administration and investment tools threatened one of the largest and oldest independent Financial Services firms that managed over $7 Billion in assets.

Our client needed a robust, next generation web platform to better serve their plan participants, plan sponsors and investment advisors.

Growing demands on the client from plan participants, plan sponsors and investment advisors required an agile web solution that could grow along with the business and provide the additional information their customers expected.

The client focused on meeting the demand by modernizing their services with state-of-the-art tools and technologies that could perform faster and cheaper with lower system overhead.

Meanwhile, they would get the most from existing back office systems and enhancing capabilities of pulling in source from a variety of external systems and interfaces.


Our Team architected a web solution that would allow for seamless integration with the existing SunGard OmniPlus recordkeeping system.

All the while providing for a cleaner and fresher presentation of traditionally complex recordkeeping data to plan participants, plan sponsors, and investment advisor consumers.

Our solution provided more robust capabilities within the retirement web presence.

We pushed higher-quality data to the web without reliance on the traditional coupling of the front-end applications with back-office business rules and data requirements.

The challenge of enhancing the front-end capabilities of systems while improving data quality and system efficiency required a new approach to old issues inherent in the retirement plan administration space.

Our solution addressed the current complexities and time to market inherent in the existing infrastructure upgrades to back office applications.

We planned, monitored, and controlled the implementation of the Omni Web Solution 8.0 suite of applications.

The application met the need of exposing consumer information with best-of-breed technologies without compromising data integrity or security.

Advantages of CMS capabilities included:

  • Ability to package data requests in business-oriented XML interactions with internal and external entities
  • Flexibility and agility to leverage new services in OmniPlus, existing back-office systems, and external applications
  • Secure B2B data integration services that allow administrators to exchange data in an efficient and secure manner
  • A light IDE script-based development tool addressed the “we need this today” mentality of the business user


As a result of partnering with Enterprise Iron, our client enhanced its operating model and capabilities.

The firm was able to maintain a competitive advantage, elevating the level of service, customer experience, and satisfaction.