Partnering for the Next Twenty Years

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Enterprise Iron has a long history of creating partnerships with firms that bring value to our customers. Typically, these partnerships offer specific technology enablers or skills that are not a part of our core capabilities. We are very selective about our partners to ensure the quality and efficacy of services as we uphold the high standards that our clients expect from us. Those expectations include the extension of our credibility to those partners.

As we look forward to our twentieth anniversary, we want to introduce our readers to some of our most valuable partnerships. These firms have been vetted and have proven business models that mesh with EI’s values and operating model and perform services that are of great value to our clients. In most cases, we are not only sales and marketing partners, but are also involved in the implementation of their solutions. What follows are high-level overviews of these firms, and we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about how EI can leverage these partnerships for the betterment of your business.

BizNuvo® is a new disruptive technology that empowers organizations with a zero-code platform enabling clients to create and manage self-service capabilities without the need for large technology teams or capabilities. It includes visual design tools, a business rules engine, drag-and-drop workflows, databases, and APIs to allow you to deliver applications more efficiently than with other tools. Clients typically start with one application and then quickly see the applicability to many other areas in their ecosystem. In many cases, BizNuvo® can reduce the number of applications significantly.

Tim Scott
SVP, Business Development

LinkActiv® is a firm based in Puerto Rico that specializes in providing Contact Center services to prominent multinational corporations. They provide 24/7 service with dedicated, certified representatives who can meet customer needs with the proper solution delivered in a nearshore model. These services are often provided at a savings of 25% or more over mainland domestic costs while bypassing some of the typical challenges associated with offshore service centers. Bi-lingual services are available. For clients in the highly regulated Financial Services industry, EI provides deep domain expertise, Subject Matter Experts, training, and ongoing support to ensure a successful experience for your end clients.

Coherent® is a technology company that seeks to improve efficiencies in financial services firms, focusing primarily on insurance and retirement through their core platform Coherent Spark, which is a powerful logic engine that converts complex logic from spreadsheets used in companies around the globe into API services to allow for seamless integration between front and back-end systems. As a platform-agnostic low-code platform, Coherent Spark brings an efficient platform for integration. Business users and Subject Matter Experts can increase productivity with only a few hours of training on this intuitive platform.

WTax is a world leader in technology-supported tax withholding recovery services to respond to the struggle for efficient recovery of cross-border investment income withholding tax. Asset owners and asset managers around the globe face the ever-evolving operational challenge of reclaiming foreign withholding tax. Consistent tax leakages cause a material drag not only on investment performance, but also on resources from the effort to overcome the challenges when trying to reclaim taxes.

Enterprise Iron is proud of the additional capabilities that we can offer our clients by leveraging these key partnerships. Our suite of impactful Business, Technology, and Workforce Solutions continue to deliver results and as business challenges evolve over our next 20 years, we will continue to search for new partnerships that bring value to our clients. To discuss how we can help meet your business needs or objectives, send us an email today – we’re looking forward to speaking with you!