Reflecting on Nearly 20 Years of Business Change

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Enterprise Iron has undergone many changes and growth since our origin, including the industries we serve, how we provide services, and the depth of our capabilities. When EI began, processing in the Financial Services industry was primarily paper-based with limited automation. In one of our first projects, we digitized the clients’ hardcopy files by scanning and organizing them to ease access. Digitization now has a whole new meaning, but EI has been here since the beginning. Strengthened by the background of our founders, EI also quickly became known as a firm with expertise in Trust and Custody services and helped implement major systems in some of the largest Wall Street firms. 

I first became acquainted with Enterprise Iron in 2004 while working for a major retirement recordkeeping software firm. We were engaged in a very large-scale implementation, replacing a proprietary platform with our Modifiable-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) platform. Due to the scale of the program, there was a multitude of resource needs. EI was one of the firms I worked with to provide experienced resources in support of our client. In fact, through their industry contacts and recruiting and onboarding processes, I brought in volumes of resources on relatively short notice. EI quickly became my “go-to” partner as our business grew and this time represented a significant step for Enterprise Iron’s growth into the Retirement Services industry.

Tim Scott
SVP, Business Development

In 2008, the world was shocked by the financial crisis, and EI was not immune to the effects as our clients had to cut budgets and reduce spending. Companies sought to control costs and compete in a world where margins were suddenly cut by half or more. We understood these challenges and had proven experience in Business Process Reengineering and Automation using industry-standard tools and applications to help.

During the years that followed, EI continued to focus on private clients in Retirement and gained recognition as a firm that was an essential player in the industry. We invested in our team and capabilities to meet the demands of an ever-changing world of increased regulation, required automation, and the modernization of aging platforms. That investment paid off in 2013 when a major managed services contract was awarded to Enterprise Iron to provide technology and operations for the retirement plan servicing all Federal employees. This opportunity pushed EI to accommodate the needs of our largest client. Ever since, we’ve expanded our service catalog, developed partnerships, and entered new markets.

Today, we provide a full suite of technical and operational services to meet the needs of global and domestic Financial Services firms, public sector agencies at the federal, state, and local level, Retirement Plan Sponsors, Advisors, and Providers. We offer Managed Services of technology and operations, Platform & Provider Search as a truly independent partner, Platform Modernization using technology enablement tools, and Business Process Reengineering consulting.

Our expert Custom Development, Business and Technical Analysis, QA Testing, Test Automation, Program & Project Management, Agile Development, and Implementation Services of vendor platforms round out our deep corporate capabilities. We leverage our secured, 2,000 seat Contact Center in Puerto Rico to provide overflow and primary call center services through our Rightsourcing solution.

As the needs of our industries evolve, Enterprise Iron continues to invest for the future. We are investing in Cloud technology and solutions to assist our clients with migrations. We’re also developing our Digital Transformation Implementation solution and a Cybersecurity Assessment and Implementations offering. Enterprise Iron has grown significantly since our founding and continues to adapt to deliver impactful results for clients.

We are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of change for whatever the future holds, and if your organization is seeking a trusted partner to help navigate business change, give us a call.