Case Study: Annuities System Migration

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


Our Client, a leading provider of Retirement Annuities who offers a wide range of annuity products and provides administration for leading retirement plans, wanted to maintain its market leadership.

The objective of this system migration was to support their full range of annuity products and provide improved user-friendliness, customer service, productivity and financial reporting.

As the Client began the work with their internal team, they realized the complexities of the migration due to the various annuity products.

They became concerned about their ability to manage the “business as usual” activity along with the system migration and implementation – an undertaking which was unfamiliar to many of the project team members.

Goals set for this engagement:

  • Migrate 100% of the annuity contracts (1MM+)
  • Perform data cleansing and updates prior to the migration
  • Merge the duplicated client records to improve administration and reporting
  • Ensure minimal business disruption during the migration process
  • Sunset the legacy platforms
  • Deliver the project on time and within budget constraints


The Client reached out to Enterprise Iron based on our track record of successfully delivering solutions, coupled with our knowledge of annuities, pension administration and retirement plan services.

Enterprise Iron’s insurance, retirement and technology experts augmented the Client’s internal team and deployed our project management methodology for migration planning, quality control and assurance testing, production installation and decommissioning.

Throughout the migration, we maintained a parallel production environment and ensured the modern technologies integrated with the legacy systems:

  • This was the key to successfully migrating large volumes of data and customer accounts without disrupting the business


Despite the project’s rocky start, Enterprise Iron partnered with the Client team to successfully complete the project within the allotted timeframe and budget.

We achieved all the Client goals without interruption to any of their plan sponsors, participant, retirement plans or investments.

The new, seamless web-based interface was praised by plan participants for ease of use, easy access to all the financial information and online help features.