Case Study: Genesys Optimization

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


Enterprise Iron provides expert Contact Center services to combat personnel and/or geographic limitations while supporting call volume.

Our client did not have the ability to use Messaging or SMS technology and struggled to meet increased work from home capabilities during a pandemic.

They had trouble retrieving recorded calls and transferring customers to managers. They used outdated, manual methods for reporting and for scheduling their staff.

Costly Contact Center equipment (i.e., direct dial phone numbers and the need for physical phones) created roadblocks for this client.

Additionally, they were experiencing routing issues, and equipment failures and did not have HA Failover for on-premise functionality.


EI planned for the implementation by studying the client’s needs to not only optimize technology but go beyond limitations by leveraging modern technology services:

  • Providing end-to-end, omnichannel management for end customers
  • Bundling services based on client needs for software applications

Our team assisted in opening new Contact Center locations and expanding seats for existing ones to improve Service Level Requirements while supporting call volumes and coverage for 24×7 Production support.

We implemented eServices to support Social Media Applications, SMS Technology for customers so they can reach Contact Centers using multiple methods and helped meet the demand for agents to work from home in a pandemic.

The team provided fast solutions, in a short timeframe, to accommodate remote work.

Our experienced personnel removed hard phones from the offices and deployed softphones and desktop applications. This enabled thousands of agents to work from any location on a secured network.

The latest technology was installed for call recording, and we implemented SpeechMiner and Linux servers to support it. In addition, our team designed custom roles to support user’s everyday needs.

Custom activity-based user roles for agent activity were also designed to improve security for Privileged Users and combat cyber attacks. This allowed us to leverage SailPoint, PAM, CyberArk, and record sessions for Privileged Users.

Furthermore, our solution used SAP Business Objects and Pulse for on-demand reporting capabilities to provide our customers with everyday, automated reports, and dashboards.


The client enhanced their Call Center Technology and hired our seasoned Technical SMEs to deliver Genesys applications.

This enabled them to focus on day-to-day operations while we maintained the applications:

  • Application upgrades
  • Health and wellness checks on supporting servers
  • Providing the latest Apache, Java, etc. upgrades
  • Support mass majority of Contact Center Infrastructures with custom call routing architects
  • Update, implement, and provide the latest available technology
  • Work with the vendor to provide long-term solutions for any client challenges that may arise

With Enterprise Iron, the client has a trusted provider of Support Security Infrastructure:

  • Ensure applications are integrated with the latest security software
  • Design custom roles for all applications based on user activity
  • Support the latest Reporting, Dashboards, and Wallboards to track activity