Case Study: A Successful Product Review

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


Our Client, who serves multiple market segments inclusive of 401(k) and 403(b) markets, had been experiencing fewer “wins” than anticipated.

Discussions with sales and advisors confirmed that there were likely gaps in their product and service offering.

We worked with them to conduct our Product Review service with the following goals in mind:

  • Inventory and catalog the current product offering across both 401(k) and 403(b) market segments
  • Benchmark the product offering against industry best practices
  • Identify gaps within the product and service offering
  • Present findings, recommendations, and roadmap to prioritize and close gaps


Our Team performed an in-depth Product Review of both the 401(k) and 403(b) market segments.

For this engagement, we leveraged our proven methodology and SMEs who have extensive knowledge in the Retirement Industry, inclusive of product, technology, operations, and compliance.

Our top-down/bottom-up approach included soliciting the voices of both the senior leadership team and SMEs across the organization through a series of interviews and working sessions.

Enterprise Iron’s catered approach included:

  1. Defining the rating methodology
  2. Conducting a current state assessment – Captures the detailed perspectives of the current product and service features, and enlisting consensus on preferred options
  3. Benchmarking the product offering against Industry Best Practices
  4. Identifying gaps, pain points, potential over-servicing, and differentiators
  5. Establishing the future state-preferred offering
  6. Developing a Roadmap and Prioritization Plan – Closes gaps, drives new business to the preferred product offering, and migrates existing customers to the preferred offering


Our Team created product and service clarity and moved away from the “because we can, we do” mentality.

Cataloging the product offering empowered our Client to better drive customers and prospects to the preferred offering with the necessary tool.

The Roadmap and Prioritization Plan provided the framework to close product gaps.

Also, the initiative successfully fostered alignment across the organization.

A subsequent effort entailed imputing the catalog into a database to assist the firm with managing its book of business while the roadmap helped drive existing customers to the preferred product offering.

Pleased with our work, the Client noted the following during our lessons learned meeting:

“The exercise enabled us to not only better understand our gaps, but it also facilitated alignment across the organization around our offering, the importance of leading with our preferred product features and services, and importing the catalog into a database that will be our living repository to manage our book of business.”