Case Study: A Systems Transition

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


Our Client, a large municipal retirement plan system was struggling to complete a system implementation for eight years.

They were unable to completely transition from the legacy pension system to the new Pension Administration System (PAS).

This was primarily attributed to significant data integrity issues, reporting deficiencies and incomplete functionality in the new Line of Business (LOB) system.

These challenges forced the client to support parallel operations for two years.


Our Team was contracted to define, manage and execute a system transition plan.

We assumed responsibility for the migration of parallel operations (legacy and new PAS) to a single system (new PAS solely).

Our objective was to partner with the solution vendor to resolve outstanding software defects and work with the data management team to resolve remaining data integrity and cleansing issues.

Working with operations managers, we streamlined operational processes and reporting in order to decommission the legacy system, transitioned all functionality to the new PAS and ensured the quality.

Tasks included:

  • A complete cleansing of all active, retired, and deferred member data
  • Transitioning cyclical processes from legacy system to a new LOB system (actuarial valuation, 1099, COLA, semi-annual interest posting, annual health enrollment)
  • Transitioning all letters, forms, and reports from the legacy system to a new LOB system
  • Oversaw the completion of outstanding functional defects and enhancement in the new LOB
  • Analyzed and lead the deployment of new business processes and functions
  • Conducted IT assessment and made recommendations for systems and future growth
  • A complete legacy decommission and final system shutdown


Enterprise Iron completed the development of an Agile/Scrum-based project management approach. We assisted with the resolution of outstanding data cleansing issues and software defects needed to decommission the legacy system and to end a two-year parallel operations cycle with the replacement system. By working closely with our client and the replacement system vendor, we reviewed and reprioritized the remaining issues then developed a sprint-based approach to improve collaboration and communication. Working with the clients’ Executive and Project Management Team, we managed resource conflicts, monitored the project for potential risks, and mitigated issues to successfully decommission the legacy system. All project work was completed on or ahead of schedule and within the client’s budget. Our Client decommissioned the legacy system and end-all parallel operations three months ahead of schedule. In addition to the original SOW and original budget, Enterprise Iron helped this client develop a sustainable internal PMO team structure for ongoing project and system support.