Case Study: Recordkeeping Support

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


A US Government Agency was running the SunGard OMNI Defined Contribution system.

This included unique requirements around storage of transaction history and volume of participants as they provided retirement solutions for government sector employees.

This agency was bringing in a new team to manage their current retirement program, outsource IT and provide Recordkeeping operational support.

The transition was to be performed by the existing vendor without downtime or negatively impacting clients or participants.

Our objective was to take over the modernization program and institute ITIL policy, practice and procedure.

We’d then create a more formalized SDLC model that addressed the significant backlog of enhancement tickets and infrastructure that was end of life.

Long term, our client desired implementation of a more formalized SLDC model and sought several significant upgrades to their suite of OMNI products.


We provided a large staff of retirement experts with business and technology support expertise of SunGard products.

A large number of knowledge transfer sessions were necessary as this client had large numbers of very specific manual processes that needed to be performed at very specific periodic intervals in order to meet business requirements.

Our Team managed all aspects of the agency’s modernization program that pertained to retirement plan functional support.

Additionally, we oversaw the technical support of the OMNI product suite and other SunGard applications such as EXP AG.

One of our top Program Managers directed the overall and ongoing retirement services program for this client.

A team of functional and technical experts with decades of experience with major retirement companies was put in place for knowledge transfer sessions and to job-shadow existing vendor resources.

This allowed us to fully understand how the unique business and technology processes of this client currently functioned.

Our Team partnered with the technology support organization and the client’s functional representatives to:

  • Improve Recordkeeping year over year
  • Implement continual service improvement for hundreds of SOPs that our client normally executed
  • Evaluate the enterprise application portfolio surrounding the OMNI platform
  • Identify business services and articulate a strategy for addressing challenges
  • Help establish a best-practices model for ongoing technology support
  • Participate in hundreds of person-hours for knowledge transfer sessions
  • Work closely with the in-place vendor to job-shadow all important business functions prior to program transition
  • Assign technology experts to begin the moving the technology organization towards a more mature SLDC model
  • Develop well-documented and disciplined daily stand-up meetings


The program was transitioned to Enterprise Iron’s functional and technology support teams without any client impact.

Daily operations continued without disruption.

An ITIL technology support model was established to ensure rapid and effective response to any potential impacts.

Longer term, the organizational foundations were put in place to begin moving the client to a mature SLDC model for software development and support their diverse set of software products.