Case Study: Recordkeeping Platform Modernization

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


A U.S. Government Agency who focused on providing retirement solutions for government sector employees was running SunGard’s Omni Defined Contribution system with unique requirements around storage of transaction history and the volume of participants.​

Support of the Agency’s Business Process Management (BPM) and integrated forms processing software needed upgrades and maintenance for a seamless transition.​

EXP AG is the software product that this Agency used as the document repository.

EXP AG allowed for business workflow processing and document search/retrieval across the enterprise, which was used by multiple departments.​

DocXP is the integrated forms processing package used by the Agency, which allows for business logic customizations in order to effectively process forms.​

Our Client mandated that the incoming team continue to capture changing business requirements and deliver software updates using a standard SDLC model to accommodate the evolving changes in both requirements and new services.​

The project objective was to take over EXP AG and DocXP support.​

Long term, this Client seeks to enhance EXP AG and DocXP per changing requirements as needed to support their mission.​


Enterprise Iron (EI) was asked to provide a staff of experts with functional business expertise as well as technology support expertise for EXP AG and DocXP.​

Knowledge transfer sessions were necessary, as this Client had both documented and undocumented business processes.​

We managed all aspects of the Client’s modernization program that pertained to retirement plan functional support as well as technical support of the Omni product suite and other SunGard applications such as EXP AG in the distributed space.​

EI assembled a superior team of Managers, Engineers, QA Testers, Technical Support, and Business Analysts for this U.S. Government Agency to support EXP AG.


The program was transitioned to Enterprise Iron’s functional and technology support teams without any incidents that were client-impacting and daily operations continued uninterrupted.​

All planned upgrades and enhancements stayed on-track during the transition.​

Our EXP AG team enhanced the customer experience and provided immediate results for business changes that were required by the Client.​

The team’s superior support and technical knowledge allowed the Client to increase their EXP AG reporting capabilities, manage additional software packages, and provide additional enhancements and business process improvements in conjunction with other teams.​

A best-practices ITIL technology support model was established during the program transition to ensure rapid and effective response to any potential Client impacts.​