Case Study: Revitalizing Patient Communications

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Elevating the operations of Puerto Rico’s largest private healthcare plan through streamlined processes


Overwhelming Demand: As Puerto Rico’s premier private healthcare plan serving 700,000 members, the Client was strained by demand that surpassed their staff and facility capabilities.

Supplier Issues: Numerous bureaucratic hurdles with their domestic supplier impeded quick access to vital compliance reports and support.

Operational Hiccups: High operational costs coupled with inadequate customer service and unsatisfactory KPI metrics became major bottlenecks that they sought to overcome.


Swift Recruitment: Despite tight time constraints, we recruited and trained a team of 50 dedicated agents.

Process Overhaul: Streamlined operational processes were implemented, doing away with unnecessary bureaucracy.

Compliance Assurance: The team ensured timely and accurate compliance reporting, consistently meeting the set Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Enrollment Management: Support was optimized to efficiently navigate the challenging open enrollment period.

Proactive Campaigns: The agents ensured CMS compliance and spearheaded call campaigns reaching thousands during the crucial enrollment period.

Operational Flexibility: Operations were strategically scaled to address regular call volumes as well as peak times during enrollment spikes.


High Volume Management: Effectively catered to a monthly call volume of 65,000 calls and handled surges of up to 200K calls during the open enrollment period.

KPI Achievement: The team consistently hit the targeted KPI benchmarks.

Enhanced Reporting: Efficient compliance reporting mechanisms were implemented.

Boosted Satisfaction: A significant uptick in customer satisfaction rates was experienced.

Adaptive Capacity: The operational capacity was scaled effectively and efficiently in response to fluctuating demands.