Case Study: Rx Process Improvement

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Implementing tech-driven solutions to streamline prescription submissions, keeping patients informed, and ensuring timely medication access


Prescription Consistency: A pharmaceutical giant based in Arizona, along with its pharmacies, struggled to motivate patients to submit prescriptions through GenRx directly from their physician’s office.

Optimizing Submissions: The primary goal was to enhance the prescription submission rate efficiently.

Communication Challenges: Maintaining an open channel of communication with patients to update them on their prescription’s progress posed a significant obstacle.


Instant Prescription Linking: Our team developed a platform enabling medical office staff to send instant SMS notifications to patients, providing a direct link to the prescription form.

Real-time Tracking: Integrated this platform with GenRx’s dedicated data service APIs, allowing daily prescription status tracking through SMS notifications.

Active Reminders: Launched a proactive outbound calling campaign using a dialer system to remind patients approaching their prescription deadline, encouraging them to place their orders promptly.


Surge in Submissions: The Client experienced a notable increase in prescription submissions via GenRx.

Informed Patients: Constant notifications and reminders have kept patients well-informed, leading to more timely actions and an enhanced user experience.

Automated Efficiency: The newly implemented automated system reduces manual intervention, speeding up the prescription process significantly.

Satisfied Patients: Proactive communication measures have significantly improved patient satisfaction levels.