Case Study: University Communications Redefined

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Reimagining the communication infrastructure of Puerto Rico’s premier university resulting in streamlined interactions and improved student satisfaction


Varied Call Challenges: Puerto Rico’s largest private university grappled with the mammoth task of handling calls related to new tuitions, periodic marketing campaigns, and FAFSA compliance.

Technological Shortcomings: A lackluster technological framework was leading to missed calls, leaving students and potential students unserved.

Reputation at Risk: Discontentment found its way to public platforms with criticisms emerging on social media and news outlets.


Specialized Recruitment: We engaged, trained, and deployed multiple specialists tailored for distinct campaign handling, retaining the flexibility to adjust the workforce size as necessitated.

Call Mastery: Imparted rigorous training to call agents, enabling them to proficiently receive, categorize, and route calls.

Instant Chat Support: The team rolled out chat boxes to provide immediate assistance to students, catering to their inquiries without delay.

Dedicated FAFSA Process: A dedicated process for FAFSA compliance was established and an interactive appointment platform was integrated resulting in minimal wait times and improved user experiences for students.


Dramatic Turnaround: Achieved a noteworthy decrease in both lost calls and the volume of complaints.

Efficient Call Handling: The revamped system ensures that students promptly connect with the appropriate specialists, saving time and reducing frustration. 

Swift Resolutions: With the chat box initiative, queries and concerns are addressed faster than ever before.

FAFSA Excellence: The new FAFSA process offers a refined and hassle-free experience, contributing significantly to improved student satisfaction.