Case Study: Swift Performance Metrics Boost

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


A change to a customer process resulted in Contact Center service metrics not meeting goals.

The Client reached out to Enterprise Iron (EI) for assistance to improve abandoned call rates and wait times due to high call volumes.

They needed a rapid solution as their customer satisfaction scores were declining as customers were frustrated.

Our Client turned to EI to staff a team of skilled agents to handle a specific call type that would be routed via VRU. 

The call volume was expected to be between 300-400 per day with an average handle time of 10 minutes per call.


Enterprise Iron deployed a team of 13 Contact Center Agents within a 2-week timeframe, composed of experienced agents and some newly hired staff to handle the call volumes effectively while delivering a high-level of customer service.

Client-Centric Registration Training Curriculum:

  • We utilized dynamic training models consisting of trainer lead, small group interaction, and 2 member teams focused on specialized customer needs

Agents Staffed per Call Pattern Profiles for Maximum Efficiency:

  • We implemented a staggered staffing model to match the Clients’ call patterns


Significant and Immediate Contact Center Metric Improvement:

  • The Enterprise Iron Team met or exceeded Client performance goals while volume exceeded estimates
  • Our agents took on 100% of calls to this queue within 4 days of operation, 1 week ahead of schedule

Strengthened Client Survey Performance Goals:

  • Agent quality satisfaction survey performance met or exceeded Client goals
  • The Client’s entire Contact Center performance improved because of the EI team and additional call types were routed to EI, demonstrating trust and a continuing partnership with this Client

Client Testimonial upon project completion

“It goes without saying but the impact that this partnership has had on not only our service delivery but also the reputation of the Contact Center has been nothing short of remarkable.”  – Vice President, Enterprise Contact Center