Case Study: Nearshore Support

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


Our Client, a major stock transfer agency, was in process of upgrading their core technology platforms in-house.

In parallel, several maintenance/enhancement items had to be remediated in order to keep the “lights on” and the agency’s technical support was spread extremely thin:

  • Classic ASP Websites (Internal and external)
  • Visual Basic (VB) Applications
  • JAVA based components
  • An external vendor assessment and internal audit uncovered “holes” in the ASP code that could lead to intrusions from nefarious outside organizations

Agency Project Managers and Analysts were at a premium due to an umbrella rebranding project of both internal and external websites:

  • Development of detailed functional specifications were falling dangerously behind and were the lynchpins for the success of these initiatives
  • A pared-down budget was running low due to the number of upgrades and maintenance items occurring simultaneously


Our Team has deep experience in the Stock Transfer Agency line of business.

We built a team to solve the personnel shortage issue and constructed a team of nearshore resources at our facility in Puerto Rico to restore the project back to ‘on time’ status.

Our fully-functional and secured 50-seat facility in San Juan, Puerto Rico was leveraged.

Given that Puerto Rico is wholly inside the jurisdiction of the United States, it is not subject to the offshore risks associated with traditional outsourcing.

Enterprise Iron quickly ramped up the dedicated team to one Project Manager (PM) at the client site stateside and seven (7) resources at the nearshore facility:

  • The PM was well versed in the application and used our Transition Methodology to funnel work to the team in Puerto Rico
  • The team was almost 100% up to speed within a month
  • Simultaneously, the PM worked with our Client to prioritize the work schedule tasks

We deployed our Maintenance and Enhancements Methodology, a structured and disciplined Agile-based approach to the modification and enhancement of existing systems.

This included the implementation of changes in the form of application releases.


The major benefits from this engagement include:

  • Standardized, repeatable processes that drive consistent and efficient work
  • Work efforts remain focused on strategic business goals
  • More accurate estimation of work efforts
  • Changes are grouped into releases to minimize risk and achieve cost efficiencies
  • Built-in management reviews ensure effective planning and control

Our client was able to save about 30% of total project spend vs. performing this engagement onshore and onsite.

The backlog was erased inside of four (4) months and specifications were written and approved.

“Quick hit” work was given to the Enterprise Iron PR team as the client’s first option.

Security issues were remediated, and the rebranding effort was brought in on time.

Our open timeslots were filled acting as an independent testing partner to judge the credibility and completeness of other engagements.