Case Study: MicroStrategy Upgrade

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


A top 10 Retirement Recordkeeping firm had multiple business intelligence reporting platforms in use, and one was approaching end-of-life support.

They needed to consolidate all reporting capabilities onto one upgraded platform.

Afterward, they could begin to enhance the capabilities that were provided through their plan sponsor portal to offer industry-leading business intelligence services.

Our client chose MicroStrategy as the target platform because of the capabilities and flexibility the platform provides.

Initially, they contracted another firm to migrate from Business Objects to MicroStrategy, but the project was significantly over budget and experienced numerous delays that resulted in reporting disruptions.

The client sought a new partner with the expertise and competence to handle the rest of the project on a fixed basis and meet the compressed timeframe.


We remediated the outstanding issues created by the previous vendor by partnering with the clients’ architecture and technology teams to develop a cohesive roadmap.

Our Team delivered the upgraded platform to be deployed into production on time and within the budget established.

After assuming responsibility for the project, we deployed our Agile-based methodology to:

  • Drive an interactive proof of concept-based approach
  • Complete all development and testing
  • Support Client Acceptance testing
  • Provide long term production support and enhancements
  • All work was completed well within the agreed-upon project delivery dates


The upgraded platform was fully tested and ready for implementation with support provided on an SLA basis.

Cost and delivery were guaranteed from EI, a trusted partner who understood their business and technology drivers.

Enterprise Iron became a long-term partner of this client to address future reporting needs and leverage our expertise in a robust number of Financial Services disciplines including business, technology, and strategy engagements.