Case Study: Acquisition Integration

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


A large Midwest insurance and recordkeeping firm acquired a specialized mid-level recordkeeping firm.

They sought to integrate business models and service capabilities to achieve ROI and enhance their offerings.

There were significant challenges to work through: how to integrate the investments, recordkeeping, cash, shareholder service fees, custody interfaces, operations and sales to effectively manage and expand this newly combined product.


We assessed the capabilities of each firm and compared both to industry best practices.

The assessment allowed the firm to prioritize integration by targeting specific capabilities.

Additionally, a strategic roadmap was produced for the integration of services.

Our team studied the operational policies and procedures of both firms to identify commonalities that would lead the business architecture.

We analyzed existing systems, flagged portfolio redundancies, and implemented the integration of their recordkeeping.


After partnering with Enterprise Iron, our Client successfully understood, planned and executed the integration of the business models and services resulting from the acquisition.