Case Study: Medi-Travel Service Revamp

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Transforming medical appointment transportation through innovative strategies, achieving a significant drop in complaints and vastly improving user experience


Medical Transport Offering: The Client provided transportation for affiliates to their medical appointments.

High Dissatisfaction: Their initial system was riddled with high dissatisfaction levels, clocking in complaints at a staggering rate of 41.1%.

Communication Gaps: Notable communication issues surfaced between the transportation chauffeurs and the affiliates.

Inefficient Operations: The service was plagued with overstaffing issues and operational inefficiencies.


Unified System: An integrated transportation system was initiated to cater to affiliate calls and hasten logistics.

Enhanced Coordination: Introduced the role of Regional Coordinators, aimed at amplifying client communication.

Resource Reallocation: Operations were streamlined by reallocating some agent roles directly to the chauffeurs, ensuring a more direct and efficient process while also enhancing employee morale.

Dynamic Teams at Work: Mobilized a proactive management squad alongside an innovative IT team to formulate and implement potent solutions.


Dramatic Complaint Reduction: The affiliate complaint rate improved significantly, dropping from 41.1% to a mere 8.7%.

Revamped Communication: Strengthened communication measures drastically elevated user experience and overall satisfaction levels.

Optimal Resource Use: Resource distribution mechanisms improved, which in turn boosted on-time service delivery.

IT Expertise: The agile IT team showcased their ability to drive commendable outcomes even in testing circumstances.