Case Study: Platform Due Diligence

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


A large service provider was looking for assistance with a platform due diligence assessment of their recordkeeping platform.

They had been with the vendor for 20+ years and had undergone significant business expansion and service diversification.

The goal of our assessment was to answer the following questions:

  • Is their current platform the right one for their future business?
  • Are there options available from other vendors that better meet their needs?
  • What are the implications (costs, disruptions and organizational benefits) of a conversion vs. staying with their current platform?


Our Team was contracted to manage the platform due diligence process.

Familiar with the current vendor and the other major vendors in the recordkeeping space, our firm was able to bring a deep knowledge of the retirement services industry, process reengineering and modeling, strategic sourcing, and industry best practices to the engagement.

Our Team planned and implemented the following approach:

  • Conducted a current state assessment of the current business processes and technology platform
  • Held a series of working sessions and interviews with key staff members across the organization to identify pain points and “wish list” items
  • Presented our findings in an Operational Process Analysis (OPA)
  • Prepared an RFP based on our findings, including financial projections for 6 years
  • Facilitated vendor meetings, demos and follow-up items as part of the consideration process
  • Managed the entire RFP and vendor assessment process
  • Presented our findings along with a vendor Scorecard and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Provided a final recommendation and participated in the client decision making process


All work was seamlessly completed within the tight window defined by our client.

Enterprise Iron served as an independent third-party to manage the process ensuring accuracy and transparency.

Our client experienced substantial cost-savings and delivery certainties from a trusted partner.

Client Testimonial upon project completion:
“By using Enterprise Iron, we are much further along in our process than we would have been by doing this ourselves. We have learned much more about what options are available to us.”