Case Study: Platform Migration

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


A large Defined Contribution Recordkeeping organization was faced with consolidating four existing platforms into a new target state platform.

Our Client needed to augment the required knowledge and resources to complete the project and sought a partner with retirement technology expertise capable of sourcing business practitioners across multiple roles including:

  • Program & Project Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Data Mapping and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Business Rule Harvesting
  • Production Support
  • Development Operations


Enterprise Iron partnered with our Clients’ Institutional Retirement Technology group to define requirements, build functionality, and convert clients to new services delivered via a new platform.

We supported our Client by providing retirement business and technical resources to augment their staff groups.

Working in Agile and Waterfall project frameworks, Enterprise Iron was able to support the following activities:

  • Map and convert Data from the four recordkeeping platforms to a new target state platform ingestion format
  • Extract the relevant business rules so that they may be carried and loaded into a centralized Business Rules Repository
  • Create a repository to store the history of Conversion transactions
  • Record any data quality issues found (corrupt data, missing data, etc.)
  • Identify and record any data formats and compatibility issues
  • Produce the general design requirements
  • Record timings of the extraction process
  • Maintaining the risk register for Executive Committee oversight


Our resources provide direct experience on large recordkeeping platform migration efforts.

As a result of partnering with Enterprise Iron, our Client achieved the desired outcomes of its platform migration initiative:

  • Our Client was able to retain 99% of its existing clients, by ensuring a smooth transition and immediate enhancements to its Sponsor and Participant services
  • Millions of dollars in cost-savings for the “care and feeding” required to maintain four disparate systems and many ad hoc, one-off business processes
  • Installation of new recordkeeping functionality and services within the target state recordkeeping ecosystem
  • Integration of new platform and service capabilities with existing technology and business operations to better compete in an ultra-competitive marketplace
  • A better, common set of client experiences for Participants, Sponsors, Advisors, and TPAs

Our commitment to excellence in the delivery of successful outcomes has earned us the opportunity to continue providing skilled resources to this Client long-term.