Case Study: Platform Modernization Roadmap

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


Our Client, a Top Ten name-brand Recordkeeper, engaged Enterprise Iron to take a high-level business strategy roadmap and make it actionable.

We delivered recommendations for modernizing the core technologies used in back-end processes revolving around their vendor platform and retirement practice.

Our Client was at the initial stage of a multi-year modernization plan so we leveraged our expertise and knowledge of the retirement industry to position our Client to ensure they remain an industry leader moving forward.

Our Team worked alongside the Client’s Technology and Business Teams to document the current environment and together, we shaped the future state. The results were the steps required to move them into a modern, industry-leading delivery model.

We compared their Retirement Division’s technology and delivery models to industry peers and evaluated available vendor products and modern architecture models.

The industry comparison included:

  • Industry-leading practices
  • Available vendor products that meet the Clients’ needs
  • Best practices for the vendor platform
  • Automation Strategies


Our Subject Matter Experts conducted interviews, process observations, and reviewed existing SOPs to identify modernization opportunities of which our Client was not aware.

The EI Team evaluated approximately 60 vendor products to determine which best fit the unique needs of our Client.

We also compared our Client’s existing plans against what is available commercially and the technologies their competition is using in their backend processing.

Deliverables consisted of a final written report including insights, opportunities, and our management recommendations:

  • Recommendations on Buy vs. Build
  • Service delivery models inclusive of plan segmentation
  • Specific recommendations for automating manual processes
  • Blueprints for creating a shared knowledge center
  • An industry peer review including a comparison of core capabilities


We identified opportunities and provided our recommendations for improving the Client’s operating performance through a proposal of several longterm strategic initiatives as well as various program and process enhancements.

Key components of the Retirement Plan Services transformational agenda that were delivered as part of the Platform Modernization Roadmap included:

  • A modernization strategy for all processes reviewed
  • Strategic plans for moving to a modern architecture
  • Industry comparisons and a best practices model
  • Buy vs. Build: Vendor products that better align with their backend processing needs
  • Blueprints for automating cumbersome manual processes