Case Study: Streamlined Strategy & Messaging

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Innovating communication strategies for Puerto Rico’s childcare programs, ensuring clarity, effective fund utilization, and beneficiary satisfaction


Communication Challenges: The Administration for Childcare and Integrated Development Program in Puerto Rico was plagued by communication ambiguities.

Campaign Obstacles: Marketing efforts failed to explain the program’s intricacies, leading to misconceptions and confusion.

Funding Risks: Inefficient one-on-one communication wasted valuable time and risked potential forfeiture of federal funds.


Direct Communication Line: Implemented an autonomous phone line, bypassing the conventional governmental agency switchboard, enabling direct and prompt responses.

Data-Driven Scheduling: Adjusted agent schedules based on analytical insights, ensuring maximum coverage during high-demand intervals.

Elite Representation: Selected and deployed top-tier agents for this vital assignment.

Sustained Excellence: Maintained this optimized communication framework for a solid duration of 2 years.


Communication Proficiency: Achieved a fluid and refined communication process for the program’s beneficiaries, eliminating past ambiguities.

Funds Preservation: Effective call management minimized the risk of wasting funds, ensuring optimal usage.

Peak-Time Performance: Enhanced agent performance combined with improved client experiences during high call influx periods.

Consistent Interaction: Beneficiaries now enjoy reliable and seamless interactions with project representatives.