Case Study: QA Improvements

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


A global provider of data processing and outsourced business process services to financial firms, needed to streamline and automate the QA testing of their service products.

The need to transform their QA service model and improve the reliability of their catalog of thousands of services was driven by client demand.

Improvements were constantly required of their services, which generated large backlogs of QA testing that challenged their QA organizations confidence in being able to achieve a high-level of reliability.


Our Team assessed the existing QA processes and tools then helped our client select a vendor for test automation.

We worked with the selected vendor to reengineer QA procedures and employ more efficient and effective test automation.

This augmented the capacity of the QA organization, which allowed the system to catch up then get ahead of the QA test needs generated by the ever-evolving service catalog.


As a result of partnering with Enterprise Iron, our client improved their QA maturity of processes and toolsets.

They caught up with a backlog of QA service demand that had been challenging and hindering them.

This significantly repaired their exposure and reputational risks associated with QA failure.