Case Study: QA Transformation

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.


A leader in investment systems software was experiencing runaway costs and backlogs in Quality Assurance testing.

The clients core software product was widely used for handling functions related to investment portfolios, mutual fund accounting, hedge funds and brokerage.

The QA procedures were not scaling to their present level of demand and had the teams working around the clock unable to keep up with demand for the testing of product revisions.


Our Team discovered and documented the fragmented and inconsistent QA processes.

We helped our client standardize a process to leverage test automation and better utilize their existing QA resources.

A plan to address the backlog was defined and temporary teams were initiated to get the QA firm caught up with demand.


Our client could now appropriately scale to the QA service demand by employing standardized best-practice methodologies and procedures.

Their operation became more efficient and they increasingly leveraged test automation tools to improve their Quality Assurance and diminish the need for manual processes.