Case Study: Rapid Outsourcing Resilience

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

Transforming crisis into opportunity with swift outsourcing to ensure uninterrupted service and streamlined operations


Service Interruption: A leading insurance and investment product company rooted in the Credit Union industry faced a six-week service halt due to an agent strike.

Management Challenge: In the absence of agents, management was strained having to handle contact center operations themselves temporarily. A combination of management personnel and cost-prohibitive, hurriedly onboarded consultants were placed on the front lines.

No Backup: The company lacked sufficient short- or long-term contingency plans, heightening the threat of future service interruptions due to additional job actions or other causes.

Exploring Outsourcing: Recognizing the need for better strategic planning, the Client began exploring the advantages of outsourcing to prevent future crises.


Rapid Response: We swiftly recruited and onboarded a service agent team within 10 business days.

Tailored Support: Introduced bilingual support customized to meet specific Client requirements.

Service Assurance: Implemented comprehensive metrics, monitoring, and reporting mechanisms for adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Cost-Effectiveness: Offered significant cost-savings compared to local resources.

Formal Partnership: Enterprise Iron was seamlessly integrated into the company’s contingency planning strategy.


Crisis Averted: Successfully mitigated service disruptions resulting from the agent strike.

Insurance Policy: The team could now be brought up to the requested scale in a short window and downsized with the same speed as both short- and long-term teams are being formed.

Management Relief: The Client’s management was empowered to revert their focus back to core functions, easing their burden away from direct contact center operations.

Balanced Operations: Reduced the inherent risks tied to domestic operations by creating a harmonized balance between domestic and near-shore workloads.

Future-Ready: Established an efficient operational strategy to address and manage future crises that may arise.