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Business Process Reengineering

Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

An essential practice for gaining & sustaining competitive advantage

Performance improvement is an expectation in modern business, particularly in Financial Services. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is this critical practice to carry out identifying and developing opportunities for performance improvement, which often includes eliminating waste or non-value add activities. By analyzing and redesigning core business processes, you can increase productivity and output quality.

You will experience improved processes, reduced end-to-end cycle times and boosted customer satisfaction at a cost-savings. We work with our clients to educate, assimilate and craft a specific approach tailored to their needs and process(es) before the reengineering begins.

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BPR includes the following steps:

1.  Define the Vision
2.  Assemble the Team
3.  Define Scope & KPIs
4.  Document the “Current State”
5.  Analyze the “Current State”
6.  Design the “Future State” to reengineer
7.  Create the strategic roadmap
8.  Implement the “Future State”

Business Process Reengineering graphic

At Enterprise Iron, we always leverage our Business Analysts, Developers, Architects and Product & Technology SMEs.

Our expert Program & Project Managers are assigned to plan and oversee the work.