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Business operations need to continuously improve and adapt their operating model to the business strategy to remain competitive in the marketplace and compliant to changing regulations. Technology solutions that don’t address business transformation, regularly deliver poor return on investment. Quite frequently, documented processes and policies are the tip of an iceberg of undocumented processes that live perilously as ‘organizational knowledge’, making it difficult for operations to be nimble and react to change requirements. Transforming a business model to contend with new product offerings, or to address challenging regulatory requirements, usually demands a level of business operations maturity that can be found lacking in many organizations that are running steadily with their current operating model.

Technology solutions that don’t address business transformation, regularly underdeliver return on investment.

EI’s Business Transformation practice partners with your operations to transform your operating model to adapt to new business strategy drivers, or to align with technology transformation and enablement. Our teams work in tandem with Technology Solutions Implementation and Industry Consulting services, to harmonize transformation on all levels. Business Processes are documented. Policies and procedures are revised and created as needed to go-live with business model changes. Changes to existing and new information types are comprehended and incorporated into business intelligence efforts.


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